Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I just had to re-do my header...can you say...spell-check???

Would you
believe I never mis-spelled a word in school...
and either everyone has
been being very nice...or they didn't
see that I mis-spelled...
possibility...must just
be one of those words that at a glance...

can't be anything else.

I really can't believe that I have a blog,
an etsy shop, a facebook page...
and that I follow
lots of other blogs...

If you had told me all this even a year ago~
I would have said, no way...
isn't progress...fun?

There are time
s, however, that I would like to go back and only get
my news from the newspaper,
my mail from the mailman,
and pictures
in a letter.

Everything is so...INSTANT...now, and we all get
ticked off if our computers don't download or upload
at the speed of sound...and when our computers
crash...well, that may be the end of the world as
we know it...at least until it's fixed.
Yes, Progress, fun!

1 comment:

  1. I came to read your Pink Saturday post and stumbled on this. Today after spending the morning leading the girl scouts through their activities I came home to do some house work and create some art, can I tell you that I dropped my iphone on the kitchen floor and it has no screen picture I cannot call out and I cannot text. Life stops, I can't function, I am so relating to your post. Oh what's a girl to do?