Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Studio Cat...

I'm sure someone thinks I look great!

Does she look bored, or what??? This is to us about 6 months ago...someone else couldn't keep her, and we couldn't resist. She...along with our 3 other cats and little dog, are the reason I have hair in everything I do.

Happy Saturday!

Vintage light pink beads...I wire-wrapped the large ones
to give them more pizzazz...then added pearls
and just about every pink bead I had that co-ordinated...

I'm lousy at posting to my blog, mainly because I'm buried all week in my jewelry creations. This week I took the plunge and after acquiring all the 'stuff' for PMC (precious metal clay)...I made my first piece. Wow...9 grams isn't very much to work now all my money will go to PMC...well, I guess there could be worse vises. I'm going to fire the piece later today, and hope that cat hairs do indeed burn out and that they don't mess things up. With 4 cats and a dog, it's impossible to be totally hair we will see. This is a fun creation I made this week...and being's perfect for Pink Saturday...please visit my Etsy site to see all the other pieces I've been working on. I will post the new PMC piece...even if it's bad...since it's my first...who knows how it will come out. Hugs to all...Kristine

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today I was seeing RED...I worked on red bead projects all day...
I'll post tomorrow, when I can get the camera working the right way.
Not sure how many of you worked your way through a box of
chocolates like I did much many calories. I have to eat it all... I can go back on my straight and narrow path...soon!!!
I spent the whole day in my comfy Playboy jammies bottoms, slippers and a great comfy sweater...(I did put on lipstick...just in case I had to go somewhere). It rained like we'll need an Ark soon, but I was creating my little fingers off.
Thanks for all the nice comments about my PINK post...I'm continually
blown away about the wonderful women I meet blogging, and
everywhere in the crafting to you all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've always wanted to participate in Pink Saturday...well, finally got off know what. I saw an article about it in the summer 2010 Artful Blogging, and have been meaning to do it every Saturday. Since it is a rather gray day, and we're expecting rain this afternoon (portland, or)...the idea of looking at a lot of pink, suit me just fine. When I took an inventory the other day of the color of bead that I needed to start looking for..for my jewelry...I realized that I have more pink, with black being a close second. I can't believe I've only created one piece out of all the pink I plan to change that today. I am going to truly make this a Pink Saturday. Hope you like my necklace and earrings and drop by my etsy shop to see what else I have up my sleeve.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Etsy Shop

Finally have my creations up on my Etsy next step is to master PMC (precious metal clay) and start having one of my silver creations with each jewelry piece. I have so many ideas, so many thoughts of things to make, that I've been waking up early, no matter how late I stay up, with ideas floating around my head. Shall I try felting, resin, wire, bamboo, metal embossing, friendly plastic, polymer clay??? So many possibilities...fortunately, so much time.

chec out...