Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Again???

Now this is Pink and French...
oops, should be Irish, but I couldn't help myself!!!

Is it really Saturday again??
Where or where does the time go?
Does it really go faster the older you get?
Cruel joke, me thinks!!
This Pink Saturday!
This pic is from Sissy's and my trip to the
wine country last October. Can't remember
the name of this town, but there were
wonderful things like this all about
an inspiring trip.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

I'm having a ball with the
Precious Metal Clay...
the only bad part is when I get some
on my hands and think...well, there goes $5...
but I'm even going
to be using the scraps for something fun.

Cheers to you all...


  1. You beat me to the punch! I was gonna post this pic...I LOVE IT!! DEIDRE

  2. Hey Kristine; hope you are not having any aftermaths of weather from the earthquakes in Japan. Been praying for California and Washington state. Love your blog and banner; especially the girl. Terri

  3. That clay is fun .I worked with it one time .bought everything now I can remember how it works .Will do it again one of these days.Laura

  4. I trust you are all ok up there; I know we had a little damage, but I so feel for the people in Japan.

    Thanks for stopping by, Love your logo your site.

    Have a wonderful day and blessed week.

    Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  5. Your trip paid off for you. At least it provided you with a neat pink showing.

  6. What a sweet pink vehicle...looks like it has a slight bump. I must have been driving!

    Happy PS
    Deanna :D