Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink & Royal

Pink Saturday...
a salute to the Royal Wedding...

Yes, we watched the Royal Wedding and this has to be my favorite hat...OMG...the hats, hats, hats...everywhere you looked. Thought I'd see what I'd look like in this pink ribboned bonnet...what do you think??? Should I go for it???

I wanted to share the true harbinger of spring at our house...the beautiful Trillium...we have lots of volunteer plants in our front yard, that we left naturel...They are just now turning a beautiful shade of PINK!!!
It's wonderful...every time we drive in the's like being in the woods...and we're only 7 miles from downtown Portland...Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Pink Saturday...and be sure to visit the
PINK Saturday BLOG

ta ta for now...KRISTINE


  1. I loved watching the wedding and will be looking at it recorded a second time just to look at the hats!

  2. Yes, do it! Wear the hat. Your flowers are daintily whimsical. Happy Pink Saturday!
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  3. Fun post, but I hate that hat!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Kristine.

    I love hats, too, and there were gorgeous hats at the wedding. It was better than The Kentucky Derby.

  5. Hi Kristine, nice to meet you! I loved many of the hats, but that one took the cake..very strong dislike..did she have a mirror??

    Have a great weekend and stop by to say hi!


  6. I thought Phillip Treacy went compleftely "round-the-bend" in designing this hat. However my opinion would have been better had her hair at least been styled a bit. Wowzers! To me, Victoria Beckham was absolutely the best dressed lady at the wedding.

  7. I like your trillium almost as much as I like you in your "wedding" hat! I watched the wedding ceremony and, while I enjoyed it, I did laugh and sigh at many of the outfits worn by the guests - go figure!

  8. I adore your HAT! but I think for need it in Lime be a little shocking with your hair! GO FOR IT! D

  9. Oh my gosh, Prince Andrew's daughters' outfits were train wrecks! I seriously think their designer was trying to play a cruel joke on them! LOL! I did love seeing all the hats though. I sure wish they would make a comeback here because I have about 6 that I wear to Church and I am the only one wearing a hat. Have a great weekend, Nan

  10. Go for it look so much prettier and classy than that young princess, she's not so very gifted with prettiness! Yes, there were hats and there were hats!!! Although when I was young, way into my 30's, even, I did wear hats to day wedding, I've stopped, I don't know why...but I am INSPIRED after this wedding!hahaha...thanks for sharing!