Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebration Weekend!

Happy Passover...
Happy Easter...
and a Happy
PINK Saturday

there...I think I've covered everyt
hing that is happening right now.
Life has kept me busier than normal, since my husband had
a total knee replacement.
A lot of you can sympathize I'm sure when I say what
pains men can be when they aren't at the top of their game...
It's been a month...the doc says 2 more to go...
I hope I don't go totally insane,
'cuz Il have lots of idea for more of my precious metal clay jewelry.
The entire month of
April is Tempting Trinkets Month
and all my creations are 15% off.
Click on over and see if there isn't something you can't live without...
and remember...Mother's Day is just around the corner.


  1. fabulous shot darlin! I think I know where you got that shot from....D

  2. Happy Pink Saturday and a Happy Easter to you & yours.

  3. A knee replacement? Ouch!!!!!! I feel for him. Moreso, however, I feel for YOU because I know the pain of dealing with a husband who is sick or hurting. NOT FUN!!! they KNOW we endure CHILDBIRTH and everything that goes along with that?!??!! Do they HAVE a clue just how much pain WE endure throughout nearly our entire adult lives?!?!??!! OK...I'll cut them some slack now! :-) I truly do hope your hubby gets to feeling much better very soon and that the two of you enjoy a peaceful and (relatively) painfree Easter weekend!

  4. Beautiful post.
    Would di a good Easter.
    Hugs Hanne Bente /

  5. Gorgeous! Happy Easter from my family to yours!

    My PINK