Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Vintage light pink beads...I wire-wrapped the large ones
to give them more pizzazz...then added pearls
and just about every pink bead I had that co-ordinated...

I'm lousy at posting to my blog, mainly because I'm buried all week in my jewelry creations. This week I took the plunge and after acquiring all the 'stuff' for PMC (precious metal clay)...I made my first piece. Wow...9 grams isn't very much to work now all my money will go to PMC...well, I guess there could be worse vises. I'm going to fire the piece later today, and hope that cat hairs do indeed burn out and that they don't mess things up. With 4 cats and a dog, it's impossible to be totally hair we will see. This is a fun creation I made this week...and being's perfect for Pink Saturday...please visit my Etsy site to see all the other pieces I've been working on. I will post the new PMC piece...even if it's bad...since it's my first...who knows how it will come out. Hugs to all...Kristine


  1. You have a great creative talent for jewelery. I love it, but have more than I wear. Seems as you age it becomes less important.

  2. It's lovely!

    Happy PS...

    Warm blessings,

  3. Hi Kristine,
    Just dropping by from Pink Saturday. Love the beautiful bracelet.

    Hope your doing well with the downpour of inclement weather Portland experienced the past couple days.
    San Diego County is now feeling the remains of it.

    Take care,
    Viola over at

  4. Hi Kristine,
    love your bracelet!!! Very pretty :)

  5. Your bracelet is so pretty....I think it would be perfect on my 72 year old wrist. The muted coloration of the beads is lovely.