Friday, April 22, 2011


Just got back from seeing "Water for Elephants" ! What
a wonderful movie...they stayed true to the book and I was so taken with the elephant 'Rosie', in the movie...that I had to celebrate her with a PINK elephant picture.
What fantastic creatures...look at those lucky little elephant rides any time they want them..

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of you...may you get all the chocolate bunnies you want...(or need), if you gave up chocolate for Lent like I did.

Here's to many more great PINK SATURDAYS!!!



  1. How lovely to have you visit at LAWN TEA!! I wish you could have joined us for lunch so we could hear all about your charming activities.

    I DO hope you're over that cold and feeling all well again!


  2. Hi Christine -- Happy Easter. My hubby and I were wondering if we should go and see this movie; now I know we should. so thanks. Have a lovely PS and thanks for sharing. Terri

  3. Oh, I gave up chocolate for Lent too !

    So, yes, I NEED what ever the bunny is dishing out tomorrow !

    LOVE your Pink Elephant - so sweet !

    Happy Pink Saturday !


  4. Never have I seen a pink elephant but I'm glad that I have now, for it surely has placed a smile on my face :)